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I figured it was time so I made myself a cosplay page on Facebook: There's some new photos over there that aren't posted here yet, but generally it's the same old photos of old cosplays that have been posted here.

In the future I will most likely post new photos there first, and also I plan to post more discussions and things that I prefer not to clog up my DA with. So check out the page and give me a like if you see fit!


I'm selling off a bunch of my cosplay things, which I have posted in a public album over a tmy cosplay page on Facebook:… Feel free to PM me here about anything you're interested in.

The same goes for my cosplay props & accessories commissions! Which you can check out info about on my Tumblr post here:…

PM me here about my cosplay sales or commissions if that's easier for you or you don't have Facebook!
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I have a rather large amount of things that I'm hoping to sell and get rid of (also to make some moneydollars), ranging from cosplay and japanese fashion items, to anime and video game things.

My sales page is here ------>

I sell via storeenvy because it's the simplest way for me to display and share my sale spost. However, you do not have to buy via storeenvy. I will do transactions via private message! You will find all the info you need on each product page, such as photos and descriptions, and most importantly shipping prices!

I hope you'll take a look and see something you might be interested in. Thanks!!!
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Katsucon 2013 is fast approaching and I'm so excited! I've been to Katsucon a few times before, and I was there last year too working with a photo booth, but this will be the first time I get to enjoy the location and really check it out!

I'm bummed that I'll only be there for Fri-Sat, because my friends and I have an early flight back to Canada on Sunday, but the flight was a really good deal and we'll be there on Thursday to get settled and do touristy things so it's all good. I'll only be bringing two costumes though.

I'll be bringing Fionna (Gumball Ball Gown) from Adventure Time, and Ezio (Young Nobleman/Pre-Assassin) from Assassin's Creed 2. Quite the combination, eh? Also bringing my cat kigurumi for comfy lounge times because why not. Hopefully I can fit all this junk into my luggage, haha.

I've still got to finish said costumes though. In between schooling. I'm mildly panicking even though I know I'm safe. There's not a lot left to do on them.

Can't wait for Katsu 2013!
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After waffling over it for several months, I decided to make a DA account specifically for my cosplay. Out of the routes I could take (Facebook, Tumblr, etc) I think DA is the best place for what I want to do.

Over the next while I'll be slowly uploading about 10 years worth of photos on here. Don't worry, it actually won't be as much as it sounds. I'm only posting the costumes/photos that I think are worth showing off or that I'm really proud of. I'll also hopefully use the journal to ramble about cosplay-related things. Because I like doing that. XD

I've been doing this for over 10 years now and I feel that I love the hobby even more than I did when I started, and having someplace where I can talk about cosplay until I explode will be really nice.

(Except for the exploding part. Let's hope that doesn't happen...)
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